Are you still relying on traditional marketing strategies to get the word out about your dental practice in an internet-driven economy? It’s about time for a revamp. Digital marketing helps you reach your target patients in the vast online world, be it on social media, email, or search engines like Google.

Print ads, direct mail, and radio spots can give you the exposure you need. However, if you want more measurable, patient-centric, and revenue-driven strategies, digital marketing might work for your practice.

Learn the basic digital marketing techniques for dentists that can boost your online visibility and reach more potential patients.

  1. Paid Digital Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a strategy used to make your content appear right before your target audience. This requires a monthly ad budget on your part. When done correctly, it’s a great method to increase your patient bookings.

Fledgling businesses can take advantage of PPC ads to raise awareness of their brand on the internet and reach people who might not have heard about your clinic before.

In creating a PPC campaign you can customize your messages and audience while tracking the progress of your campaigns.

For starters, consider advertising your core services (e.g. dentures, dental cleanings, implants, teeth whitening, or pediatric dentistry). Then create messages that directly speak to your target demographics.

PPC categories include:

  • Search ads – These ads appear in search engines through Google AdWords or Bing Ads. Each time someone clicks your ad, you need to pay the search engine for that generated traffic.
  • Paid social media ads – Social ads are published on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This strategy allows you to target prospect patients by age, profession, and behaviour patterns.
  • Display ads – These are ads that appear on the borders of a website. They are often used to encourage immediate action from site visitors and typically come in clickable banner ads or video ads.
  1. Landing Pages

Build well-designed, info-rich landing pages

Much like your newspaper and magazine ad spaces, digital landing spaces draw people’s attention through stunning copy and graphics. A landing page is where a user is directed to upon clicking a certain ad. It should be a standalone page outside your practice’s website and is solely dedicated to catching ad traffic.

An effective landing page (i.e. one that directly answers people’s queries and leads them to sign up to your practice) must have relevant and compelling content and a sleek layout.

  1. Email Marketing

Email is a great platform for educating and engaging existing and potential patients. You can use email to send out monthly newsletters, promotions, or industry news to your audience. Email marketing is also a cost-effective means of communication for dental practices. You can even use it to boost your patient services, particularly in sharing dental exam results or reminding your patients of their next appointment.

  1. Sponsored Content

Create content that educates and entertains

Want to increase your online exposure? Sponsored content is the way to go. There are 2 ways to do sponsored digital content:

  • Native advertising – Look for a publication website (preferably one that regularly posts information related to dentistry or oral care) then create content that aligns with their standards and the needs of their audience.
  • Video ads – Video is an engaging medium for educating and entertaining a variety of audiences. You can use video to talk about your services, feature a dental concern along with solutions to address it, or feature patient testimonials. There are tons of content you can make videos out of.

Digital marketing holds endless opportunities for you to increase your patient list and eventually grow your business at an affordable cost. So go ahead and incorporate these new-age marketing strategies. Don’t be afraid to combine 2 or all of these strategies and test out which ones work for you.

If you need help with dentist digital marketing, especially in designing and executing these strategies for you, we’re just a call away. Dentist OA specializes in helping dentists grow their practice through effective internet marketing tactics. Contact us today for your marketing needs!