Having a steady flow of patients is the lifeblood of your dental practice. While it is easier said than done, there are a lot of local dental clinics that are competing for the attention of potential patients. Because of this, dental health professionals have quickly realized the importance of marketing their practice online.

Unlike before when people use the Yellow Pages to search for the nearest dental clinic, but with the advancement of technology, people use the Internet to search for dental services. With thousands of local dentists promoting their services online, the competition to land on Google’s top position has increasingly become challenging.

Websites are redesigned to ensure convenience and keep in contact with patients, attract new ones, and retain existing patients by optimizing dental websites for search engines. Also, addressing the dental health needs of your potential patients helps you get their attention. This is where dental search engine optimization comes into the picture.

SEO for dentists helps you stand out from the competition by optimizing your website to boost website visibility in Google search results. SEO strategies ensure fast, useful, and mobile-friendly websites. Here are several quick and effective tips you can do to jumpstart your dental SEO strategies:

  • Website Audit – The first step to optimize your dental practice website for SEO is to evaluate your website and fix all the bad SEO in your web pages and content. By correcting bad SEO practices and eliminating outdated content and other elements that hurt your Google rankings, you can see significant improvement in your search rankings right away. Here is how you can fix bad SEO:
    • Get rid of bad content, especially those that use keyword stuffing.
    • Delete or update broken links.
    • Examine and fix the structural elements of your website, such as URLs, images, CSS, tags, and title.


  • Add Relevant Keywords – When potential patients search for the nearest dentist, they use keywords to search for a specific dental service, such as dental check-up for kids. Although long-tail keyword searches have lower search volumes, they bring in highly targeted traffic and are more likely to convert potential leads into paying customers.
  • Optimize for Local Searches – People usually prefer local service providers when it comes to health and medicine. Your SEO plan should target specific geographic areas by adding your location, as well as the surrounding areas, to your website, page titles, and URLs. Make sure to register your dental practice on Google Maps and local directory sites, to improve website visibility in local searches.
  • Earn Good Backlinks – High-quality links linking back to your dental practice website are essential factors to SEO for dentists. Generating a number of high-quality backlinks can do wonders on your website ranking for relevant keywords and phrases. To earn good backlinks and maintain your ranking, create informative and engaging content, reach out to bloggers and industry leaders and ask to share your content. This also helps you establish your practice as a trusted leader in the dental practice industry.


  • Faster Website Speed – You only have a few seconds to retain visitors and reduce the bounce rate. Visitors will leave slow loading web pages that is why it is important to analyze the site speed using Google’s PageSpeed tools and fix the issues that caused the problem.

Generate more traffic and attract more patients to your clinic by taking advantage of SEO. Get started with your own campaign; contact Dentist OA for a free quote.