The coronavirus pandemic does not only threaten human health but its commercial impact can also be felt globally. Businesses, including dental practices, were forced to temporarily shut down their doors.


Despite its impact on the dental industry, try to stay positive because the pandemic is not going to last forever and your business is not closing. Although your dental services are temporarily suspended, digital marketing helps you stay in front and connected to your patients.

Keep in mind that the pandemic is not a great time to stop all your digital marketing efforts as you would only be wasting all your time, money, and resources you put into just to gain traction in the dental industry. Imagine losing your ground to your competitors and falling behind in search engine ranking when we have moved past the pandemic.

Here are a few digital marketing ideas to keep your dental practice alive during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Use social media to connect with your patients


Since the start of 2020, people have been dealing with dangers associated with the virus. Most people are locked in their homes to help stop the transmission of the disease. Isolation can be jarring. Why not make this time to show empathy to others and helping out where you can? This is the perfect opportunity to make your brand stand out but be sensitive and not too pushy or sales-y. While stuck at home, people spend more time on social media, make sure to provide them with relevant updates and promote good deeds with social media marketing to build your brand.

  • Be more visible online


The volume of search traffic has significantly increased since the start of lockdown and is expected to climb as more people are glued to their phones and computers searching for updates, entertainment, and other ways to pass the time. Continuing your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign helps readers find you easily online, especially those needing emergency dental services.

  • Offer online consultation


Your dental practice should be fluid, especially during difficult times such as this. For instance, just because restaurants have shut down does not mean their customers cannot enjoy delicious meals. Some offer free delivery services, curbside ordering, or parking lot pickup. To continue providing dental services, why not offer online consultation to patients in need of dental care?

  • Finish your digital to-do-list


Now that you have temporarily closed your dental office, take some time to look into some marketing items that need to be addressed. Does your website need a redesign for a fresh look? Professional website designers can work remotely and overhaul your website in a couple of weeks. You can also contact a conversation rate optimization specialist to perform a thorough website audit to ensure your call-to-actions (CTAs) can convert leads into patients. It is also a great time for an SEO website audit to ensure maximum optimization strategies.

With us helping one another to combat the virus, one thing is for sure—the coronavirus pandemic can be controlled. When everything returns to normal, make sure your dental website is still on top of the search engine ladder and you are more ready than before to serve your patients.