Many patients use the Internet to search for dental care services in their local areas. With hundreds, or perhaps thousands of dentists offering their services, it is essential to be noticed by your potential patients. Having a website is not enough to attract patients to your practice. You need search engine optimization (SEO) to help your website perform better on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

With hundreds, or perhaps thousands of local dentists competing for patients’ attention, you need a silver bullet strategy to stand out and be found on top of search engine results. This is where SEO for dentists comes into the scene.

For dentists, SEO may be difficult and oftentimes, complex. Since dentists are not well-versed in SEO, they could encounter difficulty in optimizing the right keywords in their field. There are no immediate tricks to doing local SEO for dentists, but there are tips that can help improve your online presence and bring a high-volume of patients to your dental practice.


  • Focus on Local Search – Most of your potential patients are not looking forward to travelling for hours just for a dental appointment. A great way to attract local clients is by focusing on local search in your dental SEO campaign. For instance, the prevalence of “near me” searches has increased by 900% in the last 2 years, making local search optimization a must.
  • Accurate Listing Information – When it comes to business listings, you need to have complete and accurate information to succeed in local SEO. Google My Business allows you to manage how your dental practice can appear not only on Google Search but also in Maps. Make sure to include your full business information, including the name of your business, address, contact info, and hours of operation.
  • High-Quality Content – Readers thirst for fresh, engaging content. When you offer your readers with high-quality, well-written content, they can easily understand the purpose of your text. Checking the spelling, grammar, and structure can go a long way, as well as adding a touch of creativity helps enhance the value of your content. It also gains your readers’ trust and makes you an authority in your field.
  • Be Linkable – Content will always remain king, but backlinks are the queen when it comes to Google’s algorithm. Backlinks can help increase your website authority in the dental industry. Writing a well-researched, well-written piece can attract others in the industry or related industry. When people appreciate well-researched content, they are likely to share your content. Some will link back to your content. This increases your chance of people following the link back to your website. Just make sure your content is shareable.


  • Optimize for Mobile – People are always using their smartphone to search for information online; that is why it is important to optimize your website for mobile devices. Eighty-seven percent of people perform a mobile search at least once a day. Patients using their mobile phones to search for dental care in your local area are more likely to find you online.

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