Dental SEO: Why You Need It to Get More Patients

Many dentists are still unaware about what SEO is, why it’s important to get more leads, and what it can do to grow their business.

In essence, SEO or search engine optimization, is a technique used to boost your website’s visibility. Under SEO are a number of methods to optimize your content and pages so your practice appears in the search engine results pages.

“Increased visibility” means how high you rank on the pages of top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing when a user makes a search query (using relevant keywords and phrases). The closer you are to the top, the easier clients can find you.

Read on to understand the basics of dental SEO and how you can leverage it to increase patient signups.

Why Do I Need SEO Services Tailored for Dentists?

SEO increases your chances of getting found

In an age where people use the internet as a tool to search for products and services, businesses need to invest in digital marketing to bring their brands at the forefront. Without search engine optimization, it’s almost impossible for your patients to find your site in the vast online space.

There are many ways SEO can increase your ranking on search engine results pages. It gives your website a solid and logical site structure, creates helpful and relevant content for your site visitors, and gives a clear navigation path for your users. These approaches make for a great user experience. This then signals search engines that your site is credible, making them rank your site.

Below are the compounding benefits of dental SEO:

  • Stronger online presence – With correct and consistent execution, a good SEO campaign can pull in more organic visitors to your dental website.
  • Fully optimized website – A vital aspect of SEO is optimizing your web pages for them to be more user-friendly. To do this, SEO companies sprinkle relevant search terms and phrases, optimize your photos, and churn out good content. When all these are in place, your visitors are likely to stay on your site.
  • Improved website authority – Websites that demonstrate their expertise in specific topics through blogs and other forms of content are deemed an authority in their industry. Users trust sites that publish helpful information.
  • More patients for your practice – Greater visibility in results pages means more site traffic and more quality leads. In the long run, a good SEO strategy enforces your site’s authority and credibility, resulting in more patients going to your practice.

Get Started with These Basic SEO Tips for Dentists


The best time to get started with SEO is now. Here are the fundamental steps you can take as you develop an SEO strategy for your dental practice:

  • Search for relevant dental keywords – When looking for dental services, your prospective patients enter specific keywords and phrases on the search bar.

This can be anything like tooth extraction, dental braces, teeth whitening, or dental exams for kids. Make sure to look for search terms and phrases relevant to your service and your location, then add them to your content.

  • Go local – People often look for service providers in their area, so it’s best that your SEO plan is targeted to draw the attention of local patients. The simplest way to do this is to add the name of your city/town and nearby location to your website content. Add your locations to your URLs and page titles.
  • Publish blogs – There’s no better way to establish your authority and credibility in your field than discussing topics and concerns from patients.

Start blogging about dental care tips and treatments for different dental problems. Consistent blogging also helps to draw traffic to your site.

  • Seek the expertise of an SEO specialist – You don’t want to go through this alone. Consider getting the help of SEO companies in Toronto that specialize in dental SEO. Make sure to hire someone who doesn’t only know the nitty-gritty of search engine optimization, but also has a firm grasp of the dental industry.

Want to take advantage of SEO to grow your dental practice? Dentist OA is here to show you the ropes and create an effective SEO plan that will help you get more patients. We offer SEO services for Toronto dental websites. Give us a call at +1 289 426 2314 and learn how we can help you.