The pandemic has well and truly impacted businesses all over the world, including dentists. With so many people being encouraged to stay home, the question on many dentists’ minds is how to keep generating leads for their websites.


The good news is that there are ways to do that, even with your practice closed. Read on for a few ways you can adjust your marketing strategy for the current times.

  • Connect with your patients
    In times like these, it’s vital you focus on controlling what is controllable. In this situation, one thing still under your control is being able to reach out to your patients. For example, you can make personalized texts to tell your patients “we’re still thinking of you,” or release blog articles to help your patients keep their homes germ-free.

It’s important you convey a sense of humanness in this time to let your visitors know you’re with them in spirit. Something as simple as a picture of your team saying “We’re all in this together” can go a long way toward generating some goodwill with your patients.

  • Show you care

    Now is a great time to show your patients you care, above and beyond being their dentist. Making some personal messages (especially in video format) is an effective approach to connecting with your regular patients. With the pandemic keeping many clinics closed, these messages can be particularly patient-focused.Remember to keep your messages more personal; short videos or photos of you at home are great for getting the personal touch across. This is a good time to present a more personal image of yourself break the barriers between you and your patients.
  • Make some videos

    Make-videosSpeaking of videos, videos are a powerful method of showing your patients interesting content. For example, you can make some quick “how-to” guides to help your patients with common tasks like brushing and flossing. If you notice your patients falling into some common pitfalls, this approach is a great way to educate them on how to take better care of their teeth. One advantage of these kinds of videos is that they can help forge more personal links with patients. You can also make these videos a little more information to make a connection with your viewers. Remember to post these videos on your blog or YouTube account with backlinks to your site to start generating some more traffic.
  • Use social media

    Use-social-mediaAs for social media in general, the pandemic is a golden opportunity to get more attention on different platforms, be it Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. Social media gives you a way to engage with patients on a more personal level. Facebook, for example, gives you a way to converse with patients directly, especially when they have urgent questions you can answer. You can also share links between your clinic’s website and social media pages, allowing your social media accounts to send more traffic to your site’s way, even when clients can’t actually step into the clinic.
  • Start teledentistry

    You can get in on the teleconferencing bandwagon, just like other businesses are doing now. There are plenty of apps available that let you offer teledentistry services. This approach is a great way to stay in touch with your patients and keep marketing your clinic. Many of these apps also have functionality for other services, including multi-doctor collaboration, patient consent forms with e-signatures, and options for online payment, allowing you to provide a wide range of services even with the pandemic ongoing.

Digital marketing is more important than ever as the current crisis continues. Keep up your efforts to maintain your connection with your patients to be there for them in case of any emergency. For more help getting your dental marketing just right, contact Dentist OA for the assistance you need.