Website design is integral to your success

It’s no secret that great dental website design is key to successful online marketing. Think of your website as your way of introducing yourself to clients both old and new. A good first impression always matters, especially when it comes to generating more online traffic for your dental practice. Here’s a list of some high-quality websites that can give you some dental website design inspiration.

 Use your website to share your clinic

  1. Berkeley DentalBerkeley Dental’s approach to website design epitomizes simple but elegant. Their home page gives you an easy-to-digest introduction that lets you know the basics of what they have to offer. Navigation is easy, another must for getting visitors around your site’s pages, allowing patients to find the services they need at a glance. Berkeley Dental also includes a short list of reviews at the end. Prospective clients tend to check reviews to gauge your work, and putting patient testimonials front and centre is a great way to build confidence.
  2. City Dental TorontoIn light of the ongoing pandemic, City Dental Toronto has posted some new safety guidelines. Detailing your clinic’s safety measures is an effective way of letting your patients know that you care about their safety. And when it comes to detailing what they’re offering patients, City Dental Toronto keeps things short and sweet. Think of it as a great way to let patients know they’re in for quality dentistry from the start. Patients also get a button at the bottom of the page to request an appointment and start right away.
  3. Midtown Dental CentreMidtown Dental Centre’s website design combines an easy-to-read layout and ample opportunities to navigate to other pages. You’ll find a link to their appointments page to make yours as soon as you get there, giving you easy access to a dentist when you need one. If you’re looking for more specific information, links to their about and new patients pages are in easy view, making it a convenient introduction when you need a dentist in a hurry. Website:
  4. Downtown Dental CentreDowntown Dental Centre’s website is a great introduction to what they’ve got to offer new patients. It’s also a good idea to underline your unique selling position, and Downtown Dental Centre lets you know up front what sets them apart. This design features little bite-sized descriptions of their services for easier reading. You’ll also get a short intro to the team to get to know who’ll be working on your teeth. By the time you make it to your first appointment, it’ll be like you know them already.


When it comes to good digital marketing, it pays to learn from the leading businesses in your field. Whatever your dental website design may cost, it’s nice to remember that good design is a smart investment. Keep these websites in mind to give yourself some new ideas that can give yours a more competitive edge. Check out Dentist OA for some more quality dentist website design ideas to help your clinic stay on top.